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Magic Manuscripts,Ephemera & Memorabilia

Lecture notes • letters, correspondence, signed pieces, photographs, business cards, original handwritten manuscripts on magic of all varieties

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Sell and consign magic ephemera & manuscripts with us!

Magic ephemera and manuscripts are such niche collectibles, even within the magic community, that preparing them to be sold can be a challenge. To achieve the best price for unique manuscripts or ephemera, it’s generally best to sell these type of items individually.

Whether you have a collection of magic correspondence, signatures, antique throw away cards / business cards, or handwritten manuscripts, preparing each item is a very time consuming job. Most large auction houses do not have the time to individually list a large collection so what happens? Someone else gets a great bargain and you lose out on a good price.

That’s why we’re different. We make it easy for you to consign, and we do all the hard work for you.

We Pay to Ship Items


Pack you items and send to us and we take it from there

Great Auction Consignment Rates


We offer a very competitive consignment rate with no hidden fees.

We Take Care of All Sale Aspects


From photography, to listing, to shipping, we take care of all aspects of the process.

Types of Magic memorabilia & Ephemera

Interesting Items Suitable for Consignment

  • correspondence
  • Posters
  • Vintage & Antique Photographs
  • Throw Away & Busness Cards
  • Signature & Autographs
  • Magic Props
  • Handwritten Manuscripts
  • Robert Houdin
  • Alexander Herrmann
  • Karl Fulves
  • Dai Vernon
  • Edward Marlo
  • S.W. Erdnase
  • Harry Houdini
  • Ricky Jay
  • Howard Thurston
  • Johnny Thompson
  • Harry Blackstone
  • Professor Hoffmann
  • Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
  • John Nevil Maskelyne
  • Harry Kellar
  • T Nelson Downs

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