Professional eBay Magic Auctions

The truth of the matter is, not many people have the time, skill or access to professional tools and marketing to create an eBay auction listing that does an item justice. That’s where we come in.

We consign and sell magic and antique gambling related books and ephemera professionally on eBay. It’s our business, and magic is our passion. We bring together our years of selling experience for your benefit, giving your consigned item the best opportunity to achieve a fair market value at auction.

When we represent your items at auction, we use pro-level software and listing tools to give your item a professional appearance that makes it stand out from the crowd. This special attention to detail and quality is what separates your item from the tens of thousands of amateur listings and translates into more listing views, watchers and bids!

In addition to our professional auction listings, we also have the ability to market and advertise your magic book consignments through social media and magic based forums.

It’s not often in your best interest to sell your magic books directly to a dealer, because they have to buy at a rock bottom price in order to turn a profit. When you consign with us, we’re on ‘the same side’, so if your item sells for more, then you get more and so do we. This means we’re highly motivated to get the most for your items at auction.

eBay: A worldwide stage for collectibles and antiques

eBay was founded in 1995 and has since become the world’s largest (and best known) online auction platform. Up until fairly recent times, eBay was considered an online garage sale – a place where regular folks could sell stuff that was cluttering up the house.

And it is. It’s a tremendous resource that is user-friendly and enables just about anyone with a camera and an internet connection to sell their stuff or downsize their personal belongings.

But eBay has evolved into so much more than just a virtual yard sale; the site as a whole has shifted gears tremendously in recent years. Millions of antiques and collectibles of high value are now being sold every day – not just by average Joes – but by prestigious auction houses and consignment companies. It’s clear to see that big players are taking advantage of eBay’s potential for presenting their items on a worldwide stage.

Best Way to Sell Old Magic Books Online

Be under no illusion: An item does not sell itself!

You can’t list an item on eBay in five minutes and expect it to make top dollar. Today’s bidders are savvy and expect the big league quality they’re used to when shopping on mega marketplaces like Amazon and bidding at premium auction houses.

Before hitting that “buy now” button, buyers and collectors tend to look for professional industry standards like beautiful photography, a detailed and thorough description, and great customer service. Think about it – we all generally assign more trust to an item purchased online at a reputable store than we do a guy on Craigslist.

From bad to great: The metamorphosis of eBay listings

Want to see what a big difference a high quality auction listing makes? Below you’ll see screenshots of two eBay listings selling the same item. The first is an amateur listing for a copy of “Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table”.

Here you’ll see a vague title, a terrible picture and a barely-there description of this book. Certainly doesn’t inspire much confidence in what you’re buying, does it?

Example of a Poor eBay Listing

Next we see a screenshot of one of our professional eBay magic auctions for the exact same book. Our listing includes a complete title, multiple photos showing off the book at its best, and a totally customized listing. The difference to a buyer is night and day. Get the picture?

Example of a Professional eBay Auction Listing

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